Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 5, 2011

Hey guys! happy 4th of July!! yesterday...
it is so good to hear from you guys! sounds like your week was a busy one but it was also probably a fun one too huh? yeah i bet it was! yeah about how next year i will be home for the 4th and i didnt like thinking about it... i try not to think about it... times moving to quickly. 10 months is not a long time and i feel like i still have so much to do in so short of time ya know what i mean? dont get me wrong i miss you guys alot and there are some days when im like darn i just want to be done... but i think long term and try to see what lies ahead of me these next one to two months ya know?
this week i actually had a couple bummer days... first off i guess i will tell you the bad news... i went to the doctor for my foot on Friday and he put me in a hard cast... have you ever knocked for two hours straight wih crutches? its quite hard. and i have to have it on until August 1st talk about a pain. but that day i had to go and tell the president what was going on with my foot and what the doctor told me to do... President Bacerra is a nice guy i only talked with him for about 3 minutes... we get to meet him on Friday and his family. but this cast... it is bugging me so bad i just want to cut it off and call it good. the other bad news is that i almost get in a car accident every time i get in the car. my companion does not know how to drive at all... the day i was coming back from the doctors with him i was literally scared. we almost got slammed by a diesel getting on the freeway... i tried to tell him the lane merged but he just didnt listen. my side of the car almost got t-boned by a lexus... he pulled out right in front of it and the Lexus slammed on its brakes coming to a skidding stop. i will stop there because im sure you understand.
Some good news is that we have a baptism this week and next week... we found a new investigator who wants to get baptized he just has to get his parents on the same page as him before he will set a date. Yesterday was a pretty fun day... we went to the ward pancake breakfast... then to the parade... went and knocked and visited less actives... had a Barbeque with nana... (she is the mission nana) and later watched some of the fireworks... well in this part of the mission im not so sure all of the sounds were fireworks... some were gunshots.
oh some other good news is that my foot can finally heal now... and we have our dinners back. President Pike changed it back right before he left! so hopefully we will gain a little weight! some other good news is that we have some good potential investigators that we are in contact with right now who want to know more about this gospel and so everything is going well i dont have too many complaints... atleast im trying not to complain ya know what i mean? ya so things are good i am enjoying my time here!
so you asked me again if i needed anything and i thought about it and the other day i had something, but i forgot... sorry. Oh i was curious about something... CTR rings... i have seen these CTR rings that are rubber and they are different colors... i have been wanting one like them and i have been told by many people that they are super cheap like as cheap as the ones you buy for the primary kids... i think you can buy them on ldsbookstore.com... i dont know usually CTR rings never interested me but for some reason these ones do. if you have time and can check those out for me that would be cool but if not no big deal.
I finally got to watch your dvd you made... it was so cool! when i saw Q dancing i was like now what song could they have possibly have used for a dance as cool as this? so i had to see what song it was and it was one of my favorite songs 17 years by ratatat it was a way cool dance i think that has to be one of the Best!
Jensen sounds like Longboarding is going to be epic when i return!
thats all from me this week guys i love you very much and hope you all stay safe this summer thank you for everything! stay faithful and keeping the Lord in your life is as just as important for you guys as it is for me.
Love you!!
Love Elder Emery

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