Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011

Hello Everyone!
Happy Fathers day dad... your card should be arriving sometime within the next couple of days.
This week was so awesome... we could have done more but it was a great week! We have a new investigator who has a baptismal date for July 17th! we took them on the tour and they really liked it alot and are going to progress well... probably because its a members son who they want to get baptized, but its still good that we get to help them fulfill this goal! We set another person with a Baptismal date... when i came into the area this couple had been taking the lessons... The boyfriend is a less active member and his girlfriend is not a member and they have 2 kids. we have taught them twice and on this last lesson i just decided to be bold. she had never been invited to be baptized because they were not married so the past missionaries were waiting for them to get married and then go through with the baptism. i prayed about it and got the answer that she wont progress if they dont have something to progress towards. i decided that we would set her with a baptismal date and she would see that date and know what she would have to do to make that date... mainly marriage. The day comes when we go over and teach them and i just tell them how it is... we went over the law of chastity and we invited her to be baptized she said she would love to and so we picked a day... its going to be August 20th. Then we talked about the requirements for baptism. i told her that she would have to either separate from her boyfriend and not be living together... i told them that we didnt want to see that happen because they have kids and we dont want to ruin any family things... or they would have to get married and they just kind of sat there and talked about it... the outcome was that they are going to be getting Married July 23rd!! i was so suprised that has never happened before usually when someone knows they have to get married they just say that they are not ready for that... i was happy it was so cool to be able to teach that lesson to them! i am super excited for them!! we are going over there tonight to teach them a lesson and eat dinner with them... we can do that because they are less active and non members!! YES!
Some other good news is that we found alot of solid potentials... and it was by knocking. i dont know if i have told you this goal that i have for my mission which has yet to come. i want to find investigators by knocking and teach them everything and then help them into the waters of Baptism... that is one of my goals and that is what keeps me knocking everyday!
We have 2 baptisms this Sunday which should be really good! i found out that a man that i was teaching in Rolling Ridge is going to be getting Baptized! this is a man who didnt like missionaries... he would only let them in if his wife was there and he didnt even like doing that. (his wife is a member) he just didnt like missionaries at all, but he loved Elder Meeks and I... he let us in all the time and opened up to us! i will be happy to go back and see him get baptized!!
WE have gotten antied alot this past week... people just keep telling me to forget about the Book Of Mormon and forget about this mission that im on and find my own way... i could never do that and i jsut testify to them about the things i know and they cant really say anything... i had a man pray at his door step that i would drop the Lds church... haha i was trying not to laugh, but it is hard people are not very christ like when we talk about Christ.
that is about it for this week i have to be going i hope everything is well for you guys. i hope you got my letter that i sent to you also... maybe in your next letter to me you could address that? if not then thats ok.
Love you all and have a great day!!
Love Elder Emery

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