Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 13, 2011

Hey guys i was so happy to get your emails today... i love you so much
i have alot going on right now... i love my mission but right now i am struggling. i have been praying alot lately for help on different things and that is what has kept me going. My companion and i dont really get along to well i dont know why but thats jsut how it is. he is from New Hampshire and is an only child and i think that might be part of our problem.
When i was in Chino i felt that is where i became a missionary... thats where i learned how to do different things and be a bold loving missionary. there i learned how to take people yelling at me being rude towards me telling me im wrong on a constant basis... i learned how to just take it and move on and be optimistic towards the next person i would talk to and i am so thankful that i was able to serve in Chino and really grow my testimony of the gospel. Here now i feel that i have to learn how to rely on the lord in everything.... and i have to remember him in everything i do. it has been hard! i have prayed alot...these past couple of days throughout my whole day i just talk to my Heavenly Father and just ask him to help me out so that i can have the spirit with me to be able to help others. thats my motivation... it has been a hard week and it could end up being a hard transfer if we dont get things figured out. If i get anything out of this transfer it will be that i know the power of prayer and that Heavenly Father is listening to every word i say... if i didnt believe that i would have given up a couple days ago... but i dont quit thats not me so im trying to give it my all.
it has been good here in the area i have enjoyed the work that has been going on. we ahd a baptism yesterday... the lady was way excited to be baptized. im already really good friends with that whole family... they are awesome! we teach alot here and it is a nice change... i have not taught this much since south hills and that was 9 months ago! because these last two areas that i have been in i was just finding the whole time! so i have really started enjoying teaching again :)
sorry this is not very long i got a little carried away talking to president
I am writing you guys today my times up
LOVe you
Love Elder Emery

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