Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 6, 2011

Hey Guys!
Oh man... Transfers were this week and it kind of came as a surprise to me. I have been transferred to Hacienda Heights 2nd ward and i am not District Leader anymore. my area is just a couple miles down the freeway from where i lived in Diamond Bar. The transfers this time were crazy... alot of the missionaries that have only been out for 2 transfers are training this transfer... this is my 10th transfer and im not even training it is crazy what is happening, but its what ever the Lord feels those missionaries and those areas need right? im still not sure how i feel about leaving the area and the Chino Zone... i liked it there alot and we really started getting some good work done! and then there are also other reasons why i didnt want to leave. it will be good though i am pretty excited to be over here. i actually have never served in this Zone... so it will be interesting to see the different things that go on here.
Alright so on my foot... yes i will take it easy on it so it can heal. i was told that i also have plantar fasciaitis( i think thats how its spelled) also. i think my foot just hates me, its just trying to give me problems, but its ok because its not really stopping me. i just have to keep doing what im suppose to be doing. this past week My companion and i caught a virus and we had to go into the Doctors... apparently it is been going around the mission. i swear its like one thing after another with me though... cant i jsut be normal? oh while i was at the doctors they did another urine and blood test for my kidneys... i guess it had been 6 months from the last time they checked me so i will hear about how those tests went whenever i call the Doctors Office.
So this week was a little bit slower, but we did have a lesson with an investigator who we have only been able to meet with a few times because of medical problems... he is in the process of getting a new Kidney and all of these different challenges keep coming up for him... his medical issues are the thing that is holding him back from being Baptized. anyway Yesterday he came to church and he was so happy to be there it was awesome!! i was so happy yesterday... just to see him there and his excitement was so wonderful! he believes everything about the Gospel... and his wife is a member... he wants to be baptized but medical things are getting in the way, but yesterday was one of my happiest days in Rolling Ridge! it was a blessing it truly was.
i have heard from alot of people that this ward that im going to be serving in now is a great ward and has alot of potential, so im definitely excited about that! it should be good here i think i will end up loving it!
i sent off the letters and sd card on Saturday... it was kind of hard to get them off sooner because we were sick :( but they should be getting there tomorrow if i remember right. i still have alot of people to write back so i will start getting that done over these next couple of weeks.
thats about it on me... it sounds like you guys have had a good start to your summer and are going to have a good one! thanks for everything you guys do for me... you are awesome!
I love you very much and pray for you everyday... thank you for all the prayers to i really appreciate them!
Love you
Love Elder Emery

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