Thursday, May 3, 2012

April 24, 2012

Hello everyone... i am sure you were wondering why my email didnt come
yesterday... thats because our P-day is today. we had Zone Conference
yesterday and so we hadd our P-day changed.

Zone Conference was really good! it seemed weird to think that was my
last one. i always learn so much even if its something we have heard a
thousand times... there is always something to learn, well i guess as
long as you are listening to the spirit and what you're prompted to
do. yesterday we talked alof about Helping people... like helping them
come to church or set a firm Baptismal date. it was really good. i
still remember my first Zone Conference... being super nervous not
knowing what i was doing. i remember the role play we had to do and i
never wanted to role play again haha. now i love role playing and
trying to help other missionaries with their investigators and getting
help for ours. it has been a unique journey... this mission thing. i
have loved it... i dont know what i would do if i didnt have this as a
part of my life.

This past week we met with Melissa again and she said she really
needed that meeting that we had with her, because she was feeling down
and things have been coming at her that she didnt like. she is still
going through some rough things but she is fighting them off!

we also met with Crystal and Matthew and they are doing good, but
Matthew just went to jail yesterday and now Crystal says she can
really focus and get baptized. (they were struggling a little bit) her
and Melissas Baptismal dates are on the 6th... i truly cannot think of
a better way to end my mission! what a blessing.

we are teaching a man named Jose... he is super sincere and wants to e
baptized really bad... but the only bad part is that he just found out
he is going to be getting deported on Friday. he is the nicest guy
ever and just wants something good in his life for him and his
family... we continue to support him though.

thats about it for this week.. everything is running smoothly except
for my brain, sometimes it seems like i am so scattered.

I love you guys and i Love the Lord. Im still amazed at the fact that
He gave his life for a person like me... how much love he truly must
have had. how can i continue in sin knowing that i caused pain to our
Savior from the mistakes i have made? Our Savior Lives!.. i know just
as surely as the sun came up today...and to know that i may once again
live with my Father in Heaven, because of his son... his Precious Son
is the greatest thing i have ever known. i do thank the Lord for the
opportunity he gave me to serve a mission... to tell people of the
Blessing of the Restoration and why its so important to have a living
Prophet. The Book Of Mormon is true and i dont just say that because
its fun to say. i say it because of what i have been told by the still
small voice.. and by truly, sincerely, and prayerfully abiding by its
precepts... we draw closer to God and feel his presence near.

I love you all with all my heart!

Thank you again for everything!!

Love Elder Emery

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