Thursday, May 3, 2012

April 30, 2012

Hello Family!

Im kind of at a loss for words right now, because as i try to look
into the near future its like looking down a dark black hall... you
cant see much. and just like you said dad.. i  kind of have some of
the same emotions that i did right before i left... i knew i was going
on a mission, and i was going to teach people and knock on doors but
besides that i didnt know what i was going to do. now i know im going
home to see family and get a job and go to school but besides that i
dont know very much... ya know what i mean? i really am excited to
come home, but my heart wants to stay out here for just a little bit
When i get home i dont want to be lame ya know? i want to be excited
to be home... i want to have enthusiasm but right now that is just
kind of hard to see... so hopefully i dont seem bummed out or
anything, but if i do act like that please just be patient, because im
not going to lie i am attached to the mission and so it will probably
take some adjusting. i am glad that you have some things planned so i
can get back into the normal life. i really dont have too many things
planned for when i get home, so dont worry too much about planning
things. the only thing that i have been asked to do is come back down
here to California to go through the temple with Jenny... she is a
recent convert... its Sandra meek's daughter. she will be going
through on June 23rd. i dont know when we are going to the cabin or
anything but i would like to come back down here for that, but if its
not possible then i understand. i would have a place to stay and would
be fed and all that good stuff, but then gas is kind of a bummer nowa
i think we land in slc at 12:40 so yeah,but i get to call you guys
next monday to make sure i have the info right.
anyways.......... SHEESH!!

so this week was pretty good we had some good success. except the part
where Jose ( one of our investigators) was deported... that was a
bummer because he was so sincere, but we will get his info sent off to

Melissa is doing well... i am worried about her though she might not
make it this week to get baptized, because she has been struggling
with the w.o.w. she says she has been clean for the past couple of
weeks and she continues to work at it. so we continue to pray for her
adn finish teaching her.

Crystal is excited to get Baptized things are going well for her... we
just have to finish teaching her... we have taught almost everything
but we have a few little things left. the ward has been helping her
out a ton.
something that i feel i need to talk to crystal about is her
piercings... at first it wasnt a problem i was like oh when she is
baptized she will take them out because she will understand, but i
think she might be frustrated when i ask her to take them out... i
felt the need the other day when we were driving in the car, so we
will see how that goes.

other than those things... everything is normal. the ward here is
awesome!! i will be sad to leave here, but i feel so blessed to have
served here.

so this is my last email...sad day right?  i know there is not much to
this email but i just dont know what to say... i might as well just
wait until i get home next week right!!

Well i better be going! but i look forward to seeing you all it will
be great and i will be singing...

Reunited and it feels so good!!

i love you guys and really do thank you for letting me serve a mission

family... you are amazing in every way!

Love Elder Emery

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