Sunday, April 1, 2012

March 5, 2012

Hey guys... this letter is going to be super super short.
but this week was alright... it seemed to go by so fast! i hate it... im not going to lie thinking of home makes me so nervous! i dont even know what to do. i try not to think about it too much but it happens because it is coming quick. it also doesnt help when you have an elder that came out with you who calls you up and says hey guess what... we have 65 days left. yep thats what happened this morning.
oh and by the way i hate cockroaches... they give me the heebie jeebies ya know what im saying?? yuck! i do plan on leaving alot of my stuff... i actually dont have too much, so you wont have to worry too much about those things! dont worry i would not even think about bringing those little demons home.
anyway our week was good it was kind of thrown off. we had to help the Zone Leaders 3 days in a row up at Mt. Sac... we set up a booth with them and talked to all the people walking by. it was actually very affective... well for the Zone Leaders, but not too much for us because wedont cover a singles ward. they had us help them all 3 days because we arent afraid to start talking with people and we wont scare them off and we get great referrals for the them... so we do it because its all the same work right?
we keep working hard and we stay at it everyday!
soundslike things back home are going good... while i was reading your email i was laughing out loud and people were looking at me all weird like. its so crazy to hear that quincie is driving... holy cow thats all i have to say!
i love you guys and hope everything is going well for you... i pray for you everyday and i hope for the best for each of you.
i love you and cant wait to see you again!
Love Elder Emery

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