Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 26, 2011

Hey family... i loved the emails! i was laughing at them they were kind of funny... thank you very much! sounds like you all are doing good. i always love hearing what things you are doing and the fun you guys have. i can totally imagine some of those things happen or things that are said... its pretty funny!
about the country music... alot of the church music i have is country and i love it!.... but i dont think i will be listening to those other country people that you are listening too... thats probably a little to much for me.
it is kind of weird to think that all of these holidays are coming up this fast... i still remember just barely having them i swear... i remember Halloween like it was just a couple of weeks ago! its very crazy the time is kind of starting to pick up. in my mission we have 17 transfers and im on my 12th one right now so i have 5 transfers left... its kind of a bummer if you think about it. i have just loved every bit of the things that i have been doing... and for how much i have learned thus far... i cant wait to learn even more!
We had a special training as a mission on Friday... it was about working with members. it was so cool. i never want to knock on another door as long as im on my mission... we are going to just be working with all of the members and it will be really good for us for the members and for their friends whom they have been holding back on sharing this message with! i am so excited to start implementing the things that were taught to us. well i guess we have already started to do it... and we did it with the rozsa family last night and that went so good!
we have still been teaching Brandy and Carlos... they are super awesome! i have really enjoyed teaching them these past couple of weeks! they have such a strong desire to do good and to want to follow the Savior. Carlos is ready right now but Brandy wants to make sure that she is done with the bigger sins... she wants to totally give them up before she is baptized, so then she wouldnt be a hypocrite and obviously we understand. but they are both 19 and so cool! and it is because members set a good example for them and they see the good that the church can bring to their lives.
we have so much potential in this area, but people just wont commit. and that is really frustrating because they truly just do not understand what they are missing out on. i try my hardest to show them and teach them, but they just want to do their own things. they just dont get that the scriptures show how we should live our lives and what we need to be doing to prepare for the next life. when i read the scriptures sometimes i have a fear because i know that i need to change or do better and i repent and do better but alot of people just think that the scriptures are more like guidelines and it is a little bit lame.
My companion and i are doing pretty good... we dont always agree on things, but we get over it. one of the biggest things that bugs me is that when i get bold with people... and tell them how it is... he sugar coats it and tells them it is ok... then later on we will be talking and he will say "i think we are just to relaxed and soft with people" as im pulling my hair out of my head. ha but that is the only thing... everything else is well.
things are going good here though... i still love it! i think it will be a good last couple of weeks here... we will have a baptism on the 9th and we are excited for that! conference weekend is coming up and there is nothing better than that right? it is going to be a good one! it seems like April's conference was one of the best that i have listened to, but this next one is going to be even better. Priesthood session will definitely not be the same without you dad... i will think of you for sure.
well i have got to be going... i love you very much!
hope you have an amazing week and that you will involve the Lord in your life everyday.
Love you...
Love Elder Emery

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