Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 6, 2011

Hey guys
well we had an interesting week... it was kind of a downer but kind of not. i wish i could just talk to you guys it would be so much better... emails just dont seem to cut it sometimes when you just want to have a normal conversation you know what i mean?
anyway we had a few problems arise this week... first Daniella. the girl who was baptized a couple of weeks ago... she was antied this past week and she told us Sunday that she will not be attending anymore services and that she will just be going back to the Catholic church. this was very hard to hear... i was very sad and i didnt know what to do... i still dont know what to do because we went over to her house last night and talked with her and we really could not get anything out of her... we finally just told her to pray and ask because God will not lie and if he says that you will gain and answer by the Holy Ghost then you need to plead with him to find out if what we say is the truth and we talked about other stuff. it was so i dont know if heartbreaking is the right word but it hurt we just cant seem to figure out how to best help her. it seemed like things were going so well but then someone had to open there mouth and spread false doctrines about us and she doesnt want anything to do with us now.
Then something else happened... Sunday we get a call from a Lady asking us for help and so we went over to see what she needed. she is on on parole and she needs help with money and a place to live because she doesnt have any money and she needs to find cheaper rent because she will be getting kicked out of her apartment on the 26th and some how she got our number to come over and help her with this problem. Basically what we told her was that we could get in contact with the Bishop and we can see if he can help because we personally cannot really get involved in these type of situations.. we didnt say it like that but that is pretty close. she started to cry and told us that she does not want to be living on the streets and that she is going to commit suicide if it comes to that. she said she almost took her life once with a gun. i didnt really know what to say other than we will do our best but you know taking your life is not the answer and i said other stuff.
Why would people bring these problems to us expecting us to fix them... im only 20 years old how am i suppose to deal with some of these different things? it has been very stressfull and frustrating these last couple of days and that is not all of the things that have happened... just some of the bigger ones. it has just been a rough week. the Wedding didnt go through either.
Yesterday we did have a Barbeque with Sandra... that was great and it was nice to just relax and take a break. some of our potential investigators should be progressing investigators by the end of this week... which will be good! we have been waiting for these two for about a month now and they are just about ready to start the lessons we are just waiting for a couple small things!
The Lord does bless us for our efforts and even though it is hard right now i know it has purpose we just have to seek counsel from the Lord and not seek to counsel him and so we will learn from these experiences once we get through them.
this morning i was reading the last 3 chapters in 2 nephi and they are so great i know that the Lord does love us and he wants all to partake of this Gospel and so that is why i go out every day with a passion to find the people our Heavenly Father has prepared for us... through the Lord i will do my best to Convey his message to everyone we come in contact with and we have the Holy Ghost with us to teach these people of the Restored Gospel here on earth.
I love you guys i hope all is well with everyone of you!!
Thank you for your love and support you are the very best!
Love you
Love Elder Emery

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