Monday, October 10, 2011

October 3, 2011

Hello Hello!
Well things sound like they are super busy for you all... that is good, but at the same time it is always good to take a little break from all the crazy stuff right? i would have to say yes.
our week was alright.
Monday.. we had our P-day and that was good we played some soccer on a turf field and it was pretty fun... we ahd a bunch of missionaries come and we all just had a good time. and i got a haircut from Elder Laidlaw. he is from St. George and has been out for just a few months... i definitely have had better haircuts, but he is a cool Elder though. then we had Family Home Evening with the Sanchez family and that ended up being really good! we go over there every week because we are trying to get there whole family active... slowly but surely. we ended up talking with the most inactive son of them all and he jsut opened up to us and was telling us that he wants and knows that he should be going to church and following all the commandments, but he just ahs some hold ups. to give some background info on the situation... we baptized his son in june and we have been working with Linda... she is a girlfriend one of the sons (they are the ones who wont get married) and so we ahve been working with this family for a while now. and we have never really talked with Gordo (he is the one who opened up to us) but we have just visited and helped support the family and he was telling us that because we have been doing this it has been making him think about the things he needs to get right in his life... he was very thankful to us and we told him we are always here to help. that was a good way to end our monday.
Tuesday this day was a little bit Lame... nobody was home and it seemed like it was a really long day! we had a few lessons but things are slow.
Wednesday We visited members to try and get them going on this new program that we are doing... the older people just say " we are old and all of our friends are dead." ha what are you suppose to say to that? it is pretty funny sometimes.
we also ate dinner with the Salas family... they are less active and have us over all the time to eat. it is kind of a cool story on how we ran into them. i will have to tell you it next time if you remind me. they have two nieces living with them that are kind of interested so it is good to go over there.
Thursday was good we had our district meeting and that is always an experience. i think i have probably the weirdest district in the mission, but they are all good workers so it is alright.
we also ate at the Salas family's home... that was a good meal with them again.
Friday this day was a bit crazy! first we went to the doctor... dont worry everything is fine. then we had our weekly planning and well it was actually pretty good we should be having a pretty good week!
Then we had a Lesson with Brandy and Carlos... they are really some of the best people i have taught... they are doing great.
We also after our lesson with them ate with the Salas family... it was good again! yep that was 3 days in a row. i think i have eaten with them like 15 times over the past month! but they love having us over and they are starting to come back to church...slowly but slowly :)
Saturday Well General Conference was so awesome... i felt that most things that were talked about were something i needed to know. some answers were so direct its like they knew i had that question. it was amazing!
we had a few lessons fall through we have probably 8 lessons with our investigators fall through a is a little bit lame. people just dont see this as a priority... i dont know why...
Priesthood Session was sad without you dad, but i still enjoyed every talk that was given.
Sunday General conference again was so good! i loved the Talk callister gave... that was enlightening i enjoyed Conference so much again the spirit is so strong when the Genreal authorities speak to us... i love it!
we also had a sit down with another less active family who love us and have two non member children... it is hard to get them to commit to anything.
That was about it sorry it is a bit short but i still love you guys!
i hope you all are loving everything you do... smile smile smile, the Lord Loves you and knows you. that was definitely a topic from Conference that we all should remember!
Love you all and i hope this week is smooth for you
Love Elder Emery

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