Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25, 2011

Hey guys I hope you had a HAPPY EASTER!!
I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday celebrating the Resurrection of the Savior... one of the Greatest miracles is that Jesus Christ rose... atleast i think it is one of the greatest miracles! i know that he lives if he didnt then what would be the point of the atonement? he did the atonement so that we could all live with him again! and it is so great that we can be resurrected and be made perfect! i love that we have this knowledge.
This past weekend was Transfer weekend... and i have been transferred to................................................ Just joking my companion and i are staying together! it is going to be a good transfer... i have not had a companion that i have really liked since i was with Elder Dunn. speaking of Elder Dunn he just got transferred to chino so he will be serving close to me... we are pretty excited! so my companion and i are staying together and that is exactly how i wanted it to be!
Friday is the day that we get to go to L.A to see L. Tom is going to be pretty awesome i am very excited about it! the other day i found out that we have to pick up the South Hills Elders and i am very excited about that because that is one of my old areas and i get to see how things are going and what is new there... i found out the other day that Mike... the guy i Baptized there... his daughter just recently was Baptized! i was excited to hear about that... i dont know if i told you about that or not.
There is a family here that i love... well their is a couple families that i love going by, but their is one that pretty much have us over every Sunday... just cause and i love it... they are the Clavels... Sister Clavel said that she is going to be writing you a letter here pretty soon. i am not sure what for, but it is suppose to be coming! haha we were over at there house yesterday and Brother Clavel wanted to Arm wrestle me... haha we were pretty close... i think i will take that as a win for me though! i have gained weight since i have been out here... i left weighing 153lbs... i weigh right now 170.... dont worry though i work out everyday so its muscle... i am alot bigger, but its all muscle! so haha its been good!
i have got to get going this week was a little bit slower.... i cannot believ that connor goes home Friday! will you please take a picture with him at the Airport with him and send it to me? that would be good.
LOVE you AlL
Love Elder EMery

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