Monday, April 25, 2011

April 18, 2011

Hey guys it was good to hear from you... Today it has been way good so far!! we went to the Redlands Temple it was so good to go to the Temple again! this temple that we went to was beautiful! it was amazing and i just felt way good there it is always a good feeling being in the temple.
Anyway so this week was pretty slow... we had 2 lessons... and they were less active lessons. our investigators are being really frustrating right now they just wont progress... we have like 7 investigators but we just cant seem to help them understand the gospel the way they should... i dont know it is pretty frustrating.
Well i dont have much time again this week to email, but i just have a couple things to say :
1) i no longer like UCLA... i dont like that school at all let me tell you why... we got a referral a couple of weeks ago and we have been trying to meet with this person for a long time... so we finally have a sit down with him... the guys name is ossar reshawn... number 11 quarterback for Ucla a couple years back... he was trying to change my religion.. he is a born again Christian and he told me what i was doing was wrong. i was so mad ... he was a nice guy but when we talked about religion he just didnt agrwee with us... i basically was really bold with him and told him all the things that he has been saying to us was wrong and that he was really close but he just needs to know more and if he was to start meeting and taking the lessons from us that he would have the fullness of it... haha i also asked him if he played in the game at BYU and he was like yeah i was on the sideline... i was like ha yeah BYU killed you guys... haha i thought that was funny, but he just made me mad so that is why i do not like UCLA anymore.
The second thing is that i am so glad that we have the priesthood in our home... the other day we were asked to go give a blessing to a child because she has been sick the past few days... the member of our ward that called us said that he has tried everyone but everyone is busy so he asked us to come with him to give the blessing... we get over there and it turns out that this lady has two sons that live there with her... in their 20's and they are not active so they cant excercise their priesthood so we were there to help out... i ointed on that one, but like my first day in this area a younger boy about 15 asked me to give him a blessing that was pretty cool but anyway... i was so mad at them i just wanted to chastise and tell them that they needed to get there act together and start doing the right things...i was just mad i dont know maybe i shouldnt have been, but do you know what i mean? so i am extrememly greatful that i and Dad have the priesthood in the home... it makes so much difference and i am sure you know that. there is kind of a cool story behind that night that we went and gave the blessing... i dont have time to share it though.
i continue to see the Lord putting us in the right place at the right time... it has been so great to see the blessings that can come from just putting your trust in the has been great i know for a fact that i would not have had this spiritual growth if i would have not served and i am extremely greatful that you guys support me 110% it means so much to me!
ok for the ending here is a joke for you all... alright so in a 1st grade class a teacher was talking to her students about sports and they were talking about football and she says i am a San Diego Chargers fan... how many of you guys are Chargers fans?? and everyone in the class raises there hand except for one little girl... her name was jenny and the teacher says jenny why arent you raising your hand? who is your favorite team? she says "the 49ers" and the teacher says " now, Jenny why are you a 49ers fan?" Jenny replies " my mom is a 49ers fan and my dad is a 49ers fan so that makes me a 49ers fan" the teacher answers back and says " well jenny just because someone else is a fan of something doesnt mean you have to follow and be a fan of that too... what if your Dad was an addict and your mom was in jail?" Jenny says " hmmm... well i guess that would make me a raiders fan!" hahahah some guy told that joke in the ward talent show... i thought it was pretty funny!
Alright well i love you guys very much and i hope thinngs continue to go well for you... Brash i did not forget about you... i could not get to china town but i did get you something somewhere else, and i will hopefully be sending it to you either today or tomorrow so you should be on the look out for it ok!!
Have a good week...i love you all so much
Love Elder Emery

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