Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011

My Dearest Family,
How are you all doing today Eh? my hopes is that you all had a wonderful week and that you are still alive. i dont know why my email did not send the past week... just to let you know ahead of time... i will not have p-day on Monday next week... it will be on the 20th because that is the day we go to the RedLands Temple! it will be great and i am excited to go, it feels like i havent been in the longest time... the last time was the end of August. I shouldnt complain and just be happy that we get to go, because some missionaries in different missions dont get to go their whole missions.
This week Alright... My Companion and i are doing alright. we get along for the most part... there have only been a few things that have bugged me. The first thing was when we went and did Service for a Lady in the ward... she wanted us to help her change the water in her Water jugs for her food storage... i guess you have to change the water every few years or something... and they were a bit dusty and there were cob webs on them cause they had been there for like 3 years or something. We start helping her and my companion was complaining that he was not in his service clothes and he had gotten his slacks a little bit wet and he didnt want to get anymore dirty... i am so happy the lady did not hear him. i was kind of bugged at that because he wanted to change clothes for 20 minutes so he didnt get any cob webs on him... now that i think about it i think that she might have heard him because she asked me to help her plant a couple tomato plants for her because she had just been in a car accident that day and she hurt her back and could not get down on the ground to plant them her self and so i am the one who ended up doing that cause it doesnt bug me to get a little bit dirty especially if its to help someone who needs it... and then the next thing was yesterday... nevermind i dont want to continue to have hard feelings toward him, but do you understand why that bugged me a little bit? work is work sometimes we cant have it our way ya know?
We had alot of lessons fall through this week... it was a little ridiculous. i dont know why people just cant keep a commitment... they are fine making the commitment, but they just dont seem to want to follow through and make things happen. we have alot of investigators, but they arent really progressing and alot of its just little things that are holding them back, but all we can do is keep helping them out the best we can and i know by the lords help we can help them come unto him.
We did actually have an investigator come to church yesterday and that was great! and one of them went to choir practice... so hopefully she will continue to go to that... i hope she doesnt shy away because the ward was so excited to have a non member go... i think they overwhelmed her a bit ha, but its alright they just want people in the ward.
one of the hardest goals that i have is to have an investigator on every street... i dont know if i will ever be able to accomplish this goal... maybe its just too big for me to do... i have had it since i was in South Hills and i still have not accomplished it :( but i am not going to give up... that is what keeps me going everyday to work hard to do my best and things will happen i just know it!
We didnt do very much because my companion was sick for 3 days and that really made things hard... i actually go to the doctor tomorrow to see how my foot is doing... i am not sure what is going to happen because it still hurts... not as bad as before but its still not good. i tried to run on Grass last week to play soccer and that just wasnt going to work... it hurt my foot alot. so hopefully things go well. i think that it is still just tender and needs more love hahaha!
Oh i forgot to tell you... the Bishops wife took my companion and i to Costco 2 weeks ago and she spent alot on us... i was so appreciative of her doing that... it was very nice and it is hard to show how thankful i was for her doing that... we will just have to continue to serve them the best we can!
Well i have three minutes before this computer kicks me off! i hope everything is going well!
I am so happy that you made the Cheerleading team quincie! you are awesome!! keep up the good work and you will love it!
I love all of you and hope that everything is going how you plan it to go! i pray for you oft and love you so much!
Thank you so much for the package it was awesome!! i will send you the Pics of how the Cake got to me!! hahahaha
Love Elder Emery

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