Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7, 2011

Hey everyone! this email is going to be a little bit on the shorter side today because we are a little rushed for time... but this week was so so great! well i hope things are going well there at home i do miss you guys... thank you for the email mom i do appreciate it and i love you alot just always know that.
Well yesterday we had 2 baptisms! it was the baptism of Brandy and Carlos... it was so cool i loved it. teaching them was one of the coolest experiences and we have built such a good relationship with them... i am full of joy right now and it is so great!! they asked me if i would give the talk on the Holy Ghost at there baptism and of course i said yes. so when i get up to talk about the confirmation and different things i think everyone was surprised when i pulled out a golf analogy... ya know like the holy ghost and a caddie. it was awesome they loved it!
on Halloween we played soccer with Brandy and Carlos and two of their friends it was pretty fun we take care of business.
it rained this week which was kind of a bummer because nobody wants to answer the door when its raining... we did get a new investigator and a few potentials from knocking in the rain so it paid off! we have been in the finding process because all of our investigators are getting Baptized!! i love this area everyone is missionary minded in the ward and are always willing to help out! ... WE evenhave a dinner for thanksgiving already lined up haha! lucky you guys... going up to park city... jealous.
i know this is not much but it feels like alot because the baptism was the best part of the week! i will try and send a pic if i get it uploaded.
you asked me about stuff for Christmas and i am not sure yet... it seems like it is too early for that. i think i will have something for that list by next week, because i really dont need anything but i might... i just have to pray about it and then i will let you know next week :)
alright well i do miss you all and i am very thankful for your email it was good to get that today! it has made my day for sure!
I love you and hope all is well thank you again for all that you do for me!
Love Elder Emery

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