Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 21, 2011

Hello family! Happy Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!! how are you all doing sounds like the usual... keeping busy. that is always nice. well things are pretty interesting around here... my groove has been thrown off fo sho... transfers were this weekend and well i was involved in the 12 week program with my trainee and so i was with him for only 6 weeks... i was transferred to Glendora 5th ward! crazy huh and they just wont give me a break on this District Leader stuff haha... it should be good im actually glad that i will have a companion that is going to be on the same page as me. training was fun but it was alot of hard work... i had to watch my every move because actions speak louder than words so i had to make sure i was the best example the past 18 weeks or 3 transfers... becasuse i had Elder Nielson for 12 and Wagstaff for 6.
My new companions name is Elder Naeta... he is from West Valley... big ol tongan! it will be great i am excited to be here. its actually kind of funny... ever since my first week in Hacienda Heights Sandra Meek (aka Nana) has been trying to get all of her family in the church... well this has been going on for over a year now i guess. but she has a daughter that is very stubborn and will not join but she goes to sacrament every week... so i told Sandra that i wanted to teach her so she should have her over, well we never ended up having the time for that. then on Saturday night we were talking about her daughter and i cant remember what we were saying but i said jokingly " i just need to get transferred so i can go baptize here" about a half an hour later i got a call to be transferred to her ward!! haha that is funny huh? so Sandra told me that i have a job to do and we need to get her. it is going to be good i can already feel it!
i am a little bit sad... Brandy's mom liked us alot becuase we were nice to her daughter and she liked the church and we were willing to always help them... when she found out that we were not with our family for the Holidays... she demanded Brandy to ask us to come over for dinner on Thanksgiving haha it was pretty funny... but i am not going to be there so i am sad about that... but the missionaries will do good so i shouldnt worry. Brandy and Carlos are so awesome they will be some of my favorite people to come visit when i am home... i am so happy i was able to teach them!
Well that is about all for this week family... i love you all and i hope you ahve a happy thanksgiving... Stay safe and be happy!
I love you with all i have
Love Elder Emery

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