Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 23, 2011

ey everyone! i hope your week went well for you and that you are all doing great! so whats new?? i have not yet received an E-mail from you this week i'm sure you are probably just busy today. i'm probably right when i say that your weekend was super busy... how many different activities went on this past weekend? it was probably way fun though right?
this week for me was really good, but really frustrating at the same time... i will start with the frustrating and then move on to the best parts of the week.
Alright so i have had alot on my mind this past week and it is just overwhelming and not to mention all the people who have problems with us. i just couldnt seem to get things going the right way and i didnt know what i could do to make things better... so i prayed and i just asked for help on different things... i got up and just started reading my scriptures and strted studying. ( i have been doing a little activity to help me memorize where scriptures are... i took a pass along Book Of Mormon and then out of the Topical Guide just go through alot of the different topics and highlight scriptures that have to do with those different things. it has been good! i will be able to better help other people with their specific challenge or doubt that they have by having that principal or topic right on hand ya know what i mean?) so i was doing this activity and right after i prayed i looked at the scripture i decided to use for affliction... the scripture was 1 nephi 21:13 i know i am not afflicted but it still applies... then i read on through verse 16 and what great comfort that did bring me. i knew that Heavenly Father was there helping me out and from there on things went and have been going alot smoother... its so amazing to get so much out of a simple scripture.
Alright so our success this week was so awesome... could have been better but i am not complaining! i dont know if i told you about the lady that we started doing service for?? we have been helping this older lady do service and she said that we could teach her a couple of lessons... we took her on a tour on Wednesday and it was a really good tour... i was a little nervous because it was a referral from a member and it was one of their friends and so you never want to mess things up... you know what i am saying? yeah so i was nervous but it went really well and she is going to read the Book Of Mormon and pray about it and Joseph Smith and if what we taught was true! we were so excited well i still am... the only bummer part was when we invited her to be Baptized... she said she has to read the Book first... i still have alot of hope in her, but she says she has to do that first, and we have to respect that, but it was awesome it was the best part of the week!
we also had other lessons this week but they were just normal lessons of people not really wanting to progress, but know that they should.
I had my MRI on Wednesday also and it was good i think... i am not sure of the results i am actually going to be calling the Doctors office today to hear about the results i think everything will be normal i dont think anything to serious is wrong with my foot, but i guess you never know right?
things are going good here and i hope the same for you guys... i love you all im sorry that its not very much this week. next week it will be alot longer because this week is going to be awesome!! thank you for the package it was great! i love the ties they are super legit!!
I love you guys with all my heart and miss you very much!!
Hope all is well!
Love Elder Emery

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