Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 16, 2011

Hey Everyone!! it sounds like you are all doing pretty good, but very busy... i hope your week went really good for you though! i was thinking to myself yesterday that when i get home i want to be constantly going... i dont ever want to be sitting idle or any of that kind of stuff... i know that sounds weird but i have decided that i want to try a bunch of new things and i want to just always be using my talents... and i want to find all of my talents too... how do you know you are good at something if you never try?? so i want to do that ya know what i mean?
This week was alot better than last week... we have alot of things planned for this up coming week! we have a few potential investigators that will most likely become Progressing Investigators... that will be awesome! one of them told us that she already believes it all and she has had all the lessons before and she was about to get baptized but she couldnt quit smoking... she really wants to get her life back on track. i guess who wouldnt we all could do better in our everday lives... sometimes we have hangups that dont really help and are hard to push through.
This week i tried to focus on seeing other people how our Heavenly Father sees them... this really helped me... i felt like i was not being very effective in my contacting and i didnt know how to get out of that rut... it was getting me down alot, but then i was reading in PMG about our loving Heavenly Father... and that changed everything for me. i tried to really focus on their needs and what gospel principal they could use in their lives... what a change in the people that we came in contact with... some of them were still rude but alot of them had softer hearts and were willing to listen to our message that we brought to them... it felt like a really productive week!
Probably the worst part of the week was when we were invited in to a non members home... it was a potential investigators home. they had us come in and we were like alright this could be good...... boy was i wrong. we were yelled at the whole time about how we are wrong and how we dont know anything... it was really bad i have never had that happen before... one of the people told us that you dont have to follow the 10 Commandments and we were like... the scripture says if ye love me keep my commandments... he was like no that doesnt matter. i couldnt believe it... then the mother of the home told us that we are Wrong if we think Heavenly Father is as loving as we say he is... you dont want to know how that conversation went. i shared why the Atonement was necessary and the Lady Stormed off mad because she had nothing to say... it was super bad and that was the most effective way to waste the Lords time... then we left and i didnt even know what to do, but i contacted a man on the street and he was the nicest man i talked to all day and was super interested in the tour of the Church because he had been their before but had not taken a tour with missionaries. Now you cant tell me that God doesnt love us and doesnt know what we are going through... he knew exactly what just happened to us and he gave us peace and happiness to end our night... i know he is there and Love each and every one of us! there is no doubt in my mind.
well i have to be going but i will just say that i am super surprised that the Ward changed up... i am not going to lie one thing i was worried about was that Bishop satchwell would no longer be bishop when i get home... He helped me out so much to come out on a mission and i appreciate, love, and respect him so much... but Bishop Bovee will be a great Bishop also!
I'm getting the MRI Wednesday and 3:30 so i will let you know how that goes in my Email to you on Monday!
I love you all very much and miss you just the same!
Love Elder Emery

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